Movie For Cats

Movie For Cats

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When you start a pet, no doubt he needs to devote a lot of time: feed, clean up after him and of course play different fun games so that he is not bored.

Our YouTube channel specializes in developing interactive videos for dogs and cats. Thanks to them, your pets can have fun even when you are busy with household chores, or you are just too lazy to play, or maybe you just want to watch how your animal enjoys the game.

We present to you:

Video A game for a cat called „“movie for cats““. A fish in the sea – moves on the screen with different trajectories, either diving into the water, then looking out of it, forcing your pet to follow it. Acts on the principle of the usual fun „“cat and mouse““ that our pets love so much.

Interactive video – a game for cats with a fish in the ocean – will entertain a beloved pet when the owners have left home and there is nobody to pay attention to a cute pet. The video will distract the kitten from the scratching of wallpaper and other dirty tricks, not yet adapted to the rules of behavior in the house.

A very cool toy, you can endlessly watch your favorite cat play with it, and even when the cat is bored with other games, the video with the fish continues to move and again and again causes interest in the cat.

Your pussy deserves the best animal supplement game in the world for cats. And this video is what you need!

You just need to enable video for cats on the screen of your device. (You can enable this game on your phone, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, tablet, TV. Any device for playing video will do). The task is very simple: you need to take a tablet and put it in front of your favorite pet. Next step: play this video for cats.Easy!

On our channel you can see other interesting videos: birds, laser, mouse, red ribbons, springs, animals.

Have a nice time with your cat! Enjoy!

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Wir lieben Katzen. Miau!